A solid building material

Bricks are a hardened clay product and a very common building material because it is solid, easy to handle and can be bought almost anywhere. There are many other products and materials necessary to properly build using brick including weep holes (to allow water to escape), membranes (mostly used for waterproofing), wall ties, abutments and restraint fittings (essential for the stability of masonry panels), steel lintels (supports the wall load above a window or door) and more.

time will tell

Over the years these products, especially if they are made of a material which can rust or corrode, will begin to degrade and will require replacement. We are able to perform these replacements and can also identify and fix any other brick issues such as:

  • Mortar replenishment – if the mortar in between your bricks is falling off in bits, crumbling or partially missing we can top it up and replace it for you.
  • Rising damp – this is a common building defect which is where you will find the base of your bricks to be consistently damp, and this will creep up your building. There is no short-term solution for this, but call us and we can inspect and discuss options.  Often, it can be related to the flashing (see Flashing Tab), and failed waterproofing which we can fix.

Your brick walls are safe with us!