Crack stitching is a method of repairing and stabilising cracked masonry that may have moved and cracked as a result of movement in foundation soils, seismic activity, and cyclical wet and dry, hot and cold environmental conditions. 

BIRS builders use the Helibeam system (see image below). The Helibeam system uses Helibars bonded into cut slots in the wall with Helibond cemetitious grout, which can be seen being applied in the picture below. Crack stitching reintroduces structural integrity and redistributes structural loads for a quick, simple, effective, and permanent solution.

The Helibars are cold rolled, under tension, from continuous runs of stainless steel wire, and exhibit a compact profile that allows for easy transportation and on-site manipulation whilst maintaining impressive and reliable tensile strength. The Helibond grout formulation, which includes an expansive system to compensate for shrinkage in the hardened state, develops almost half of its fully cured compressive strength after 24 hours.

Our builders have got experience using the crack stitching method to fix brick wall cracks, and also cracks in rendered walls, cracks near corners, cracks in block walls, and cracks in stone walls.