Below are photos of different types of works we have completed and are in the process of completing. They are arranged to demonstrate the progression of works. If you have any questions about our methods or materials, give us a call.

Balcony and balustrade rectification in Ashfield (14 balconies completed in whole complex)

Waterproofing, rendering, and capping progression in North Sydney (52 unit apartment complex)

Aluminium wall flashing in Killara

Rendering brick walls in Killara

Concrete spalling and concrete slab edges on balconies fixed in Cronulla 

Roof restoration works in Liverpool

Reinforcement of the retaining wall and re-casting of the concrete driveway in Bondi

Campsie flashing and waterproofing works

Milson's Point waterproofing and tiling works on roof, balconies and in basement