painting services

Our company can re-paint residential, strata and commercial buildings. We cover all interior and exterior projects from small bedrooms to large office floors or buildings. The need for painting can be brought about due to any building defect, and painting is the final stage in the beautification of the building. We would never simply paint over or mask a problem with paint, but always address the problem first, then paint after. Two main building defects which will require re-painting are bubbling plaster and mould.

Why is my plaster bubbling?

Water ingress is when moisture penetrates any product. When this occurs the moisture travels from one side of the substrate (usually brick) through to the other side of the render which absorbs the moisture like a sponge. This causes the bubbling. This often happens on the other side of a wall which backs onto a bathroom or shower, and on the outside of a building where the moisture in the soil makes its way into the outer walls causing bubbling there. When the water ingress issue is solved, re-painting will be necessary.

Why do I have mould and how do I get rid of it?

Moulds are a type of fungi and do not get energy through photosynthesis but from the organic matter on which they live. Their presence is only visible to the human eye when mould colonies grow. The simplest way to mitigate mould growth is to reduce the moisture levels which facilitate its growth. If a building or area already has the presence of moisture and is left in the dark it is likely to produce mould. Aeration, cleanliness and sunlight are the simplest ways to counteract this moisture build-up and to reduce the stability of the temperature and humidity in the environment which is particularly attractive to moulds. There are many painting products that are sold as mould-removers, and many home remedies are purported to reduce mould growth if you are unable to increase the amount of sun or air getting to the problem area. Our builders are qualified to apply the right paints without compromising their health as there are many medical issues which concern mould growth and they are taken very seriously. You can rest easy knowing our people can help!