waterproofing services

moisture ingress

Moisture ingress (or water ingress) literally means “the entrance of moisture” – it is a technical building term for when moisture penetrates any product. Water coming into a building in any form (whether through the walls, the floor, the ceiling, or elsewhere) is not good and most often is a result of poor waterproofing.

Keeping a building watertight is essential to maintain its structural integrity. The introduction of water into a building can cause a huge range of issues, from concrete spalling to rising damp, from mould to crumbling brickwork. You might notice water damage in your building from either the damp smell, the rotting of carpets or flooring, rusting of any metal materials, mildew and mould growth, bubbling paint and plasterwork, or the de-bonding of materials such as tiles.

failed waterproofing

There are a host of reasons as to why waterproofing might fail in a building. The most common ones are:

  • The original waterproofing membrane is old and failing;
  • The movement of the building over time (or during/after initial construction) has shifted and torn the membrane;
  • Lack of experience/attention by previous workers/handymen has lead to a failed replacement of the membrane;
  • New works have introduced incompatible materials or new protrusions which have disturbed/damaged/otherwise compromised the existing waterproof membrane.

In all these cases, we are there to investigate the cause and find solutions for whatever has caused the water ingress, and fix or replace the old membranes so that your building is water-tight once again.