how long does a FAÇADE last?

Generally, the materials which make up the faces of a building can last between 5 and 20 years, depending on factors such as how much elemental exposure it receives (sun, wind and rain exposure), and what is around it (the environment can have a large effect on a building, for example trees touching near the structure can , such as trees touching the sides, or if it is on a very busy street, vehicle pollution can significantly compromise the aesthetic of the building).

Buildings therefore need to be spruced up, materials replaced and updated so that its occupants are satisfied that it is an updated and aesthetic place to work/live. It is often the case that there are newer, more environmentally friendly materials, or materials more suited to high winds etc. that we can replace for owners.

What we can do

We can replace materials and coatings, windows, doors, roofing materials, and much more to upgrade your building. We always do so by consulting the owners, and often interior and exterior designers, and ensure safe access for all occupants during the works.

It is important to remember that when restoring building facades, safe access is required to all external areas, which means you need to take into consideration space for scaffolding, or in the case of the balcony restoration below, a scissor-lift.